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What is Mobile Patrol Security: Benefits to Your Establishment


Mobile patrol security is a significant investment for your safety and security. Maybe you need security guards for an event, a private investigator for personal matters, or another security service. Whatever your needs, MProtective has you covered.

Unfortunately, since dangerous and criminal activity happens daily, not every business or person feels safe attending various corporate events or staying in new places. Keep you, your loved ones, and your business secure by hiring professional security for your next travel trip or event.

MProtective is a mobile security company that allows you the luxury of security no matter where you go. Our experienced security team of mobile patrol security guards and private investigators serves the Central Pennsylvania area. So, if you’ve been looking for security patrols in York from MProtective, call today at (717) 840-8800 for reliable mobile patrol security.

What Exactly Is Mobile Patrol Security?

Still a little confused about “what is mobile patrol security”? To be more specific, mobile patrol security is one sub-type of security service offered. With this type, a mobile patrol security officer is physically present with you for protection like a bodyguard.

Hiring mobile patrol security is a reasonable choice for those concerned with the level of safety for large events, various projects, and any personal matters. You’re guaranteed protection from either armed or unarmed, licensed and bonded security guards.

Utilize Security for These Events

There are plenty of events that warrant different types of security. Some of these events appropriate include:

  • Concerts
  • Shows
  • Live Events
  • Company Outings
  • Employee Terminations
  • Large Projects (building and event construction sites)

MProtective’s Security Services

The MProtective team has tons of services to offer to clients across Central Pennsylvania, including the York, Harrisburg, and Lancaster areas. Our licensed team has the necessary equipment and skill to provide top-notch security and investigations no matter the event type.

Security Guards

First and foremost, the MProtective team offers both armed and unarmed security guards. Our security patrols offer options for easily noticeable protection, or they will stay disguised per your request. Whatever you prefer, we guarantee they’ll stay next to you, ready to dismantle any possible threat without intruding on your affairs.

Event Security

Another service offered that’s similar to security guards is event security. Generally speaking, event security is on a much larger scale than one security guard. Sometimes, event security contains a combination of guards, sensors, and parking controls. This way, you and your attendees stay safe.

Security Sensors

Looking for a consistent and straightforward security choice for schools or athletic events? Security sensors are a great way to screen for weapons and ensure a safe environment. These sensors are a solid alternative to traditional physical security measures because they take away the need for invasive and frustrating bag inspections.

Investigation Services

MProtective has private investigators that get the answers you need. Our investigation services go deeper than most websites’ typical automatic checks. This varies in degree but includes infidelity evidence, marital affairs, family and child custody laws, hidden assets, and proof of income. Together, we’ll work with you to uncover the truth.

Internal Undercover Investigations

If you’ve been feeling off or concerned about the internal workings of your company, then it’s time to let MProtective get to the root of the problem. We will undergo undercover operations to determine if there’s any illegal activity like embezzlement, alcohol consumption, company violations, and theft of company resources that may be going on within your business.

Background Checks

Background checks are essential for businesses, landlords, investments, nannies, and public officials. For all of these events, you always need trustworthy and reliable investigations for a comprehensive screening. Our team knows how to source some commonly detected lies, including education history, degrees, professional background, and work experience.

Advantages of Choosing Our Team

Your security and getting to the bottom of any security concerns are paramount. You may have plenty of questions, like how to get undercover service, when to book, or how often should security officers patrol?

No matter the concern, our team has many years of experience in law enforcement and investigative services that put our mobile security officers above the rest. Consider the other benefits of choosing MProtective below.

  • Licensed and Bonded Security Professionals
  • Over 30 Years of Security and Investigative Experience
  • All Armed Guards Act 235 Certified
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

If you’ve been wondering “what is mobile patrol security?” and how to get it for quite some time, then MProtective is here for you. You deserve absolute peace of mind and security, and the MProtective team is ready to answer any questions and help you achieve safety for every occasion. Give MProtective a call today at (717) 840-8800 to speak with our trusted expert team!

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