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Modern times call for a dynamic and effective state-of-the-art weapon screening process. Protect against concealed weapons, intruders, and other threats using our AI-supported completely touchless weapon detection.

Innovative Technologies

In this day and age, weapons screening is a must to ensure the safety of the people at your organization. Physical security screening procedures typically rely on invasive bag inspections, hand wands, and metal detectors. However, these methods are becoming more and more obsolete. Because of outdated technology and the complexities brought on by COVID-19, a state-of-the-art touchless screening process is the answer to ensuring your organization’s health, safety, and security. 

At MProtective, we use Evolv technology’s innovative touchless security screening system. We can work with you to upgrade your security measures to include our touchless weapons and threat detection screening. Powered by the Evolv Cortex AI software platform, we’ve eliminated the need for long lines, waiting to go through metal detectors, stopping to empty pockets, searching bags, or going through the hassle of wand searches. 

Evolv has been awarded the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Designation as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT).


Fast & Efficient

Screens 3,600 ppl/hr, 10X faster than metal detectors, for a line-free security experience.


Respectful & Touchless

No emptying pockets or removing bags. No invasive pat-downs. Evolv technology allows guests to maintain their privacy without sacrificing safety.



We provide effective weapons screening that is both seamless and easy. No more long lines or labor-intensive searches. Visitors don’t have to fumble with keys or stop to be searched. Our weapon screening system provides the easiest and best possible guest experience.


Maximize Safety

By avoiding the increased security threat of crowded lines, a touchless weapons screening system protects against threats in multiple ways. Not only is it safer to have people enter your facility without the bottleneck of a traditional security checkpoint, but also you can identify potential threats without compromising the health or safety of your employees or visitors. Touchless weapons screening also drastically reduces false alarm rates and human error by security guards. And, real-time, image-aided alarms show your staff exactly where the potential threat is


Easy To Operate

Our systems are easy to set up and move. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Image-aided alarms are sent to wired or wireless tablets providing guards with a clear visual of the potential threat, and different sensitivity settings allow for different threat levels.

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Comprehensive Integration & Analytics

Our screening systems collect visitor arrival times and counts, system detection performance, alarm statistics, and detection settings. This data aggregation has a real-world impact on physical security, equipping your security team with the best possible knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities.

What type of organization should use touchless security screening?

Any organization that wants highly effective weapons detection without the hassle of traditional weapons screening will benefit from one of our systems. Evolv touchless security screening is currently used in leading workplaces, schools, airports, sports stadiums and arenas, entertainment venues, hospitality venues, courts, government facilities, healthcare facilities, and places of worship. 

Here at MProtective, our knowledgeable security professionals can help you identify the security issues at your facility. We work with you to create practical solutions focused on your needs.  Our security experts will work with you to learn the specific requirements and needs for scalability, functionality, and features that provide you with the most cost-effective solution. We can help you implement a touchless security screening at your facility. 

Whether touchless weapon detection and screening, armed security guards, or alarm systems, MProtective is here to help protect your safety. 

MProtective is committed to supporting you throughout the process and beyond. Our team is available to conduct on-site testing, offer additional testing guideline materials, and guide you through the decision-making process.

Key Considerations for Comparative Testing

When assessing potential concealed weapons detection systems, conducting independent testing is essential. Here are ten key considerations for fair and accurate comparative testing:

  1. Set Up the System in Your Environment: Ensure consistent lane width for reliable detection and ADA compliance.
  2. Factor Outdoor Conditions: Test for weather resistance and stability, noting the impact of wind on detection and nuisance alerts.
  3. Control Recommended Security Settings: Understand detection performance at recommended settings and ensure consistency between tests.
  4. Use Real Firearms: Test with authentic firearms to avoid unreliable results from replicas.
  5. Test Multiple Positions: Evaluate detection accuracy with firearms in various body positions.
  6. Understand the Threat Resolution Process: Assess how the system identifies and locates threats.
  7. Evaluate Analytics and Integrations: Look for key data insights and system integrations to enhance operations.
  8. Support for ConOps: Review vendor support for implementation, training, and operational planning.
  9. Verify Compliance and Standards: Ensure adherence to OSHA, third-party testing, and DHS SAFETY Act qualifications.
  10. Assess Accuracy and Consistency: Compare detection performance, alert rates, and resolution across systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does touchless screening work?

The Evolv weapons detection system combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence (AI), security ecosystem integrations, and complete venue analytics to differentiate dangerous weapons from harmless personal items in real-time without slowing down operations. 

Can people go through screening in a group?

Yes! Our screening process works just as efficiently when guests and employees enter one at a time or in larger groups. There is no need to slow down or change the way they enter the building. 

Can I use Evolv Touchless Security Screening with my existing security systems? 

Yes, you can integrate the system into your existing security structure. The live video monitoring and data collection from our system can be exported to csv, pdf, and ppt to share with colleagues and leadership easily. 

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