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MProtective, LLC, is a licensed, bonded and insured provider of event security, security guards and investigations

mobile security patrols: a cost-effective alternative

Mobile Security Patrol Service is a proven cost-effective alternative to traditional standing guard services.  Our security officers can make visible patrols in un-intermittent patterns.  We encourage our personnel to interact with your patrons, residents, and employees at each patrol location.

Our patrol vehicles can conduct patrols of your property randomly throughout the night or during proscribed times.  Our highly trained patrol officers can inspect vulnerable areas within your property such as building & fence perimeters, doors, windows, and common areas.  They can identify suspicious activity and make contact with any individuals who do not belong on your property and notify law enforcement as necessary.

Security officers can also enforce house rules and regulations such as curfew, pool regulations, prohibited items, etc.

Security officers enforce parking rules and regulations.  MProtective, LLC can work with towing companies to mitigate parking problems.  M Protective, LLC can utilize a specific tow company or a towing rotation list depending on your preference.

Patrol Officers will document all activity on the property for your records. Patrol Officers are equipped to record and report all important information.


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