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How Often Should a Security Officer Do Patrols?


Patrols are a vital part of a security officer’s job. Security guards not only patrol your property but also solve security problems and ensure there is no threat of a security breach. But just how often should a security officer do patrols?

Your property is at risk for break-ins, theft, and other damage without frequent patrols. The MProtective team provides essential information on security patrolling and how often your security officer should patrol your property. 

When you need security patrol services in York, PA, don’t hesitate to contact MProtective. We are experts in event and property security and investigation services.

Importance of Hiring a Security Officer

Hiring a security officer adds another level of protection for your business, members of the public, and assets. While a security system may provide excellent protection, having an on-site security guard gives you the comprehensive security you need. 

Whether an intruder breaks into your business in the middle of the night or an emergency occurs during the day, a security officer can defend your property and subdue criminals. Security guards stay alert and have the training to act quickly in unexpected situations. They carry tactical equipment to fend off trespassers from a safe distance.

If you’re wondering, “How often should a security officer do patrols?” keep reading.

What Happens During a Patrol?

During a security guard patrol, officers will search your property for trespassers or unauthorized vehicles. They have the training to defend your property and themselves in various situations. Many have terrorist-related training and can help people safely escape buildings in emergencies. 

Your security officer will use defensive techniques while patrolling your property to ensure no one breaches your property’s perimeter after regular business hours. They may also scan for threats in a vehicle or on foot during the day. During a patrol, you can expect them to use the following tactics.

Route Changing

A criminal casing your property will notice a security guard that takes the same path every patrol. To throw them off, experienced security officers will frequently change their routes to avoid exposure or catch intruders in the act. 

With route changing, your security officer’s unpredictability makes it difficult for criminals to form an operational plan of action. Criminals will become discouraged.

Carrying Tactical and Defensive Equipment

It’s not uncommon for security officers to carry a gun, pepper spray, and other defensive equipment. An armed security guard provides the highest level of protection. At MProtective, our security guards have the necessary licensure and certifications for operating firearms and more.

Exercising Hypervigilance

A significant aspect of patrolling is to exercise hypervigilance. A security officer will frequently pause to listen to their surroundings. The slightest change in the environment can help them notice changes in safety risks and more.

How Often Should Security Officers Patrol Your Property?

How often should a security officer do patrols? This depends on several factors. Your property’s size, the type of patrol, patrol requirements, the areas that need patrolling, and more will give you a rough idea of how often your security officers should be on patrol.

Each location will have different patrol requirements. For instance, a single security guard may not be enough for some properties. By considering these various factors and relying on security officers’ expertise, you can form a schedule for patrols. 

Type of Patrol

Most security guards patrol on foot, while others use vehicles and watchtowers to patrol large properties. The more detailed a patrol is, the longer it will take. Technology makes it possible for security guards to patrol multiple locations at once through a video camera system.

High-Risk Areas

A single security guard may patrol a small property on foot a few times per night. More frequent patrols will be ideal if your property has several areas where criminals could get in. For intruders, dark stairwells, emergency exits, and out-of-the-way doors and windows are common entry points.

Best Times for Security Patrols

Security officers typically patrol a property once an hour. Officers will be at key locations during critical checkpoint times. Knowing the best time for your property’s patrols can help guards catch criminals more quickly.

Security Services in York, PA

MProtective provides security and investigation services in York, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our team handles everything from loss prevention to event or workplace security patrols. Our skilled officers are licensed, bonded, and insured for ultimate safety and security in every situation.

Our private investigators and security officers are ready to assist you whether you need a daytime security guard or a thorough nighttime patrol service. Learn more about security and investigation services from our team, then request help.

For more information answering, “How often should a security officer do patrols?” contact the security experts at MProtective in York, PA. Fill out our online form or call us today at 717-840-8800.

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