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Top 3 things to consider before hiring armed security guards


No business is completely safe from the possibility of theft and crime. For most businesses, security for both their employees and customers is a top priority, but not every business is taking the necessary measures to ensure this is happening. How can you effectively run the day-to-day activities of your business while also worrying about lack of security? With all the worry of security, the target of your attention strays from where it may need to be.

When you hire an armed security guard, you will find that your business will thrive in terms of safety, and you can shift your focus back to your business. Leave the safety up to the professionals who are trained to handle it and gain back your freedom to focus on other things.

If you’re unsure of it armed security is the right step for your business, event, or other need, learn more about three things you should consider before hiring.

Determine why you’re hiring security

You may already have a good sense of why you want security, but it can be helpful to really give this some thought. Maybe an event happened that caused you, your team, or your customers to feel like their safety was compromised. Maybe you’ve seen other businesses go through similar scenarios and want to proactively act. Whatever your reasoning, it’s important to understand why you want or need security. Not only will this help you prioritize their services, but you can also communicate your needs better to potential hires as you interview and vet security companies for your specific needs.

Look into the reputation of the company you’re working with

Take some time to research the potential companies in your area to work with. Because you’re taking action to protect your people, it’s important to make sure those you’re hiring are really worth your time – and able to be reliable upon. The last thing you want is to put in the time, energy, effort, and funds to bring on security only to be let down by their services. Check online reviews, ask for opinions, call the companies and talk with their team, and more.

Consider equipment and training

As the name suggests, armed security guards are armed with a variety of tools and equipment to help them do their job as good as possible. From firearms and tasers to pepper spray and handcuffs, this is just one example of how the equipment they carry may lend to your needs. And some businesses prefer to work with security guards who are not armed – which can be the perfect fit for their needs, too. Beyond equipment that they carry, some guards may be required to do security checks, operate metal detectors, or perform trained tasks like CPR or active shooter protocols.

A partner you can trust

If you’re in the Central Pennsylvania area and looking for a reliable partner you can trust for your security needs, MProtective would love to earn your trust. We offer armed security guards for a variety of services, from one-time events to on-site weekly monitoring and more. Talk with our experts today to learn more.

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