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5 Reasons To Invest In Touchless Security For Your Next Event


Touchless security for gatherings, including sporting events, concerts, and graduations are becoming increasingly – and with good reason. If your organization has an upcoming event that calls for security, we highly recommend you look into touchless options. If you’re not yet convinced, learn more about our top 5 reasons to help change your mind. 

1. Increase visitor satisfaction rates 

Happy visitors are beneficial to events in so many ways. Not only does this mean those gathering at your event will have a more enjoyable experience during the event itself, but they’ll also be more likely to come back again and tell others about the easy-to-use security. 

The happy fans at Nissan Stadium, home to the Tennessee Titans, utilize Evolv’s touchless security which has helped eliminate its previously 30-minute security screening queues. Now, the organization has doubled visitor satisfaction for screening literally overnight – from a 2.3 to a 4.6 (out of 5.0). 

2. Process security faster 

Evolv is transforming security so that people can gather safely with ease much faster than ever before. Using advanced, sensor-based AI-driven technology for weapons detection screening, Evolv Express is used to help people move through the gates at unprecedented volume and speed.

Lower.com Field, home to the Columbus MLS team, can now accommodate a surge of more than 16,000 fans entering the stadium through one gate thanks to their Express technology. The field now uses the power of Evolve to integrate security screenings, ticketing, and facial scanning in a streamlined entry process and has created a completely touchless experience for Crew fans. 

3. Log records of security performance 

Getting people through security checks safely is great, but how can you continue to optimize and streamline your processes? Review your data and see where your logs currently stand. When you choose touchless technology, you gain access to log records of security performance that are easy to review, share, and reference for future needs. 

Use Evolv’s Express systems to optimize performance. This view is especially helpful when showcasing system performance to leadership teams.

4. Optimize where to scan visitors 

Scanning visitors fast and efficiently is a plus, but you also need to recognize the best places to use scanners on your site. Through Evolv Insights™ analytics, the company provides advantageous capabilities and insights to those wanting to improve their guest experience continuously. 

Operations and security teams can easily review the dashboards for shifts in traffic or changes in entrances to identify where improvements, such as repositioning scanners, can be made to improve flow. This technology helps teams everywhere continually create a better experience every time. 

5. Eliminate human error

When you trust a touchless security provider like Evolv, you gain confidence in knowing that the technology will handle screenings, and things human security guards may miss get eliminated. With logs and records, you can also identify precisely where specific information you may need – without asking guards to recall one of the thousands of people. 

About Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology is a leader in weapons detection for security screening, securing the world’s most iconic venues and companies. Its mission is enabling a better experience and better security for venues, creating a safer world to work, learn, and play by transforming physical security to make everywhere safer. It gives sports fans, theme park visitors, concertgoers, shoppers, employees, students, and others peace of mind so that they can gather without fear of violence.

Interested in getting touchless security at your next event? MProtective is here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about your options and which may be best for you. 

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