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5 Reasons To Hire Private Event Security


In today’s day and age, event security has become a standard service and should be available at all events. We highly recommend considering private event security at your next gathering to ensure guests feel comfortable, stay safe, and no unwanted surprises occur. 

Events That May Need Security 

More than ever before, event security is a critical and wise investment for both public and private functions to ensure attendees remain safe. Mprotective, LLC can provide protection for all your events, from concerts and games to private parties and celebrity functions.

  • Athletic events
  • Concerts and music venues
  • VIP events
  • Auctions
  • Private parties
  • School functions
  • Parking controls
  • Theaters
  • Schools

Why choose private event security at these functions and others? Learn more about our top five reasons why we believe all private events should be protected with security. 

1. Manage Your Guest List 

While crashing a random wedding or showing up to a party uninvited may sound fun in a movie plot, the reality is that invitations go out for a reason. Therefore, unwanted guests or those who shouldn’t have access to an event property must be monitored and removed from the event calmly and without chaos. 

Left unchecked, unwanted guests may cause various problems, including altercations, theft, and everything in between. Ensure that the guests you do want at your event feel safe and protected from those who shouldn’t be there. 

Skilled security officers like those at MProtective can manage the access points into your venue and ensure that outsiders do not gain access. Event security can manage guest lists so that only authorized individuals gain access to the premises. Suppose someone does happen to access the event uninvited. In that case, security can immediately de-escalate the situation and remove the individual while still maintaining discretion so your attendees can continue to have an enjoyable time. 

2. Protect Your Property

Property may not be your first consideration when it comes to security at an event, but it is an important one. Event venues with easy outsider access, such as parks and backyards, may require specific security to ensure the property isn’t damaged or destroyed. We hate to see it but are all too familiar with large event venues getting trashed by individuals after a gathering – and security helps guarantee this won’t be the case. 

Private security can not only watch for unwanted guests and possible threats, but they can also keep an eye on things like tables, chairs, trees, statues, fountains, and other structures at your venue that may be a possible target from guests or outside attendees. No one wants to pay a fine for a damaged venue or suffer from their own property being damaged. Gain peace of mind with a security team to keep an eye on these things for you. 

3. Crowd Control

Large events can be very fun, but they also pose the threat of having too many people in one area. With an energy unlike other events, people may gain a sense of freedom at a large event that empowers them to cause a stir or damage things they wouldn’t usually. 

Crowd control is a real consideration for gatherings of 100+ people. Events that have thousands of guests must keep crowd control top of mind, as it’s easy for individuals and groups to hide behind the crowd and go undetected. Large crowds can also cause a safety risk for others, with rowdy groups potentially dangerous. 

We recommend you work with a private security group that has experience with crowd control tactics. These security teams can detect locations where people are getting out of hand, can de-escalate bad situations, and assist attendees in evacuating to a safer place if need be.

4. Emergency Response

In the unfortunate event of an emergency situation at your party or event, you won’t regret having a security team there who has the training and knowledge needed to calmly and effectively handle the situation. Security officers receive training in various disciplines, including basic first aid and emergency security protocols. 

If a crime, medical emergency, or fire were to occur, the private event security at your gathering would be the first to act and help de-escalate the situation. 

5. Crime Prevention 

One of the primary responsibilities of a security guard is to be a deterrent to criminal activity. Very often, the mere presence of security at a venue is enough to deter people from committing a crime. In addition, uniformed guards can provide a sense of authority to your attendees and encourage them to follow the rules for the safety of everyone there. Security guards can also monitor and search guests to ensure that no weapons are carried into the venue, and nothing outside of the ordinary happens. 

Hire The Experts

Ensure the safety of your party or event by hiring professional security guards and event security. Contact MProtective today to learn more about our private event security services for your next function and how we can help ensure things go smoothly for all parties involved. 

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