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4 Reasons To Hire Armed Security Guards For Your Next Event


Let’s get real: in today’s climate, events without security sound like a gamble we aren’t willing to risk. When private security guards are on-site at any event, a level of safety and sense of protection gets delivered to guests. As events ramp back up and more in-person gatherings happen this year, offering hire security is a great way to provide invitees with peace of mind before RSVPing. 

Unsure if armed security guards are a necessary investment for your event? We’re sharing four reasons that may make you want to reconsider. 

Gain focus and eyes on all areas 

Armed security guards offer eyes at your event which you can’t provide alone. Even if you planned to staff the event yourself, you can’t physically be everywhere at once – or offer the focus guards can provide. 

Security guards often provide laser-focused experience from other training provided by military and law enforcement. Combining training from these fields brings next-level service and additional skills. Even if your staff is trained in CPR or basic emergency services, having the support of a security team to take over can make the difference in preventing additional chaos, threats, or scenarios. 

The most qualified security guards never lose sight of their goal of providing the highest protection level.

Expertly trained guards can handle any situation

When a crisis strikes, it’s essential to have prepared, trained personnel there to handle things. Nobody is more capable than private security guards for handling emergencies and offering reliable support. Armed security guards are often on the front line of evacuations, are the eyes and ears for chaos at events, and ensure everyone is kept safe and unharmed from threats. 

One of the top reasons for hiring private security guards is their incredible background and training. The best security guards have backgrounds and experience that can be incredibly effective for any event.

Security guard protection can fit any budget

Most people assume hiring private security guards are too expensive or their event is too small to need them. Event planners and coordinators often don’t realize that reputable security companies have experience providing exceptionally trained security guards for events of all sizes. 

Don’t let your perceived budget limitations keep you from talking with someone about coverage options for your event. You may be surprised by how feasible hiring private event security really is. We often hear from organizations that they wish they knew how realistic and helpful security was sooner. 

Another great benefit to allocating a budget to security? Production naturally becomes higher with private security guards on-site because staff can do their jobs without disruption or concerns about their safety.

Give your guests peace of mind

Even if the security guards at your event never have to deescalate an incident or break up a brawl, your guests will gain peace of mind knowing they are there if needed. In addition, armed security guards can contribute to a positive reputation for your event, set you apart from other similar gatherings, and establish your business or organization as professional and considerate of those they engage with. 

Many organizations and private parties find value in adding security guards to their events. The most dedicated men and women who choose to work in security roles provide the peace of mind that everyone seeks thanks to their unrelenting focus on the importance of their duties. 

Hire experts you can rely on

Soon, security will be an expectation, so get ahead of the curve and ensure your needs are met. The demand will grow as more protection is required for educational institutions, and people choose to include this in their budgets. Unfortunately, waiting may mean you are left without the security you need. 

Call the team today at Advantage Security for all of your event security needs. We service the Central Pennsylvania area and are happy to help you find the proper support for your next event. 

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