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Top 5 benefits of having armed security guards at your school


Armed security guards can provide many benefits including peace of mind for students, parents, faculty, and administration in any school setting. In today’s world, schools have become a place where many feel less safe, but armed security guards can be a great way to instill security and safety back into those who enter the doors. You can enhance your school’s safety by bringing certified professionals to your campus who are trained to mitigate the risks of violence. 

The main advantages of armed security in schools

Armed school security guards bring various benefits to schools serving students of all ages. Learn more about the five reasons why every school should strongly consider fortifying its security with armed guards.

1. Increased Overall Vigilance

The presence of security guards in a school setting provides the benefit of increased vigilance and consistently keeping watch over students, faculty, and others. Additionally, guards and cameras can help warn the administrative staff about crime and persistent social issues in the classrooms and hallways they may otherwise miss. This assistance can help with everything from stopping theft in the hallways to helping a depressed student find needed assistance.

2. Violent Crime Response

If a catastrophe strikes like a threat to students or an active shooter, armed guards can potentially disarm or disable the shooter and help prevent further escalation or potential loss of life.

The presence alone of armed security can also help deter violent crime altogether. If a possible person of threat is considering targeting a school and sees that armed guards or security cameras are there, they can be deterred from entering this location and may think twice before approaching the school campus. 

3. On-Call Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is a huge benefit that comes from armed school security guards. They can help in the event of an emergency, such as if a student needs CPR or emergency medical care. Security guards are often the first ones on the scene to help. They can also raise the alarm for emergency medical technicians to come if further assistance is required. Guards are trained to handle crises, so when the unexpected arises, they can be your calm point person to control the situation. A security guard’s ability to respond quickly can be a difference maker in many scenarios.

4. Bullying Safeguard

While security guards can’t prevent bullying from happening, they can act as a deterrent and a barrier. For example, if a fight begins, a security guard can safely break it up without teachers or other school staff having to intervene. If a student feels bullied or threatened, they may come to the security guards and talk to them if they don’t have other adults they can talk to. 

5. Entry and Exit Screening

Security guards can screen strangers and maintenance personnel, along with anyone else coming through the building, for additional security and peace of mind. They can also offer security checks on bags and any suspicious items brought into the facility by schoolchildren or others. These checks have been found to prevent guns and knives from entering school facilities.

Protect your students with armed school security guards 

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